Custom TMDC Transfer

We provide service of manually transferring CVD-grown single-crystalline flakes or continuous films onto custom substrates.  We can transfer both small scale and wafer-scale films.

Examples of the substrates include (but not limited to)

  • substrates with pre-patterned holes
  • TEM grids
  • polymer substrates
  • device architectures.

Procedure: Customers send inquiries to or request a quote as shown below. Customers are responsible for providing the substrates or identify preferred vendors that we can buy on their behalf. Prior to the transfer, we will thoroughly communicate with customers to understand their expectations and needs.

Price: The cost of transfer depends on the complexity of the task, usually $200-$300 per sample in most scenarios.

Satisfaction Guaranteed: We guarantee the quality of the transfer and will refund money if not satisfied.

List of Products