Custom TMDC Growth


  • Customized growth directly on custom substrates, including both single-crystalline flakes and continuous films.
  • Growth of custom 2D TMDC materials, including alloy TMDC materials such as MoSxSe2-x, WxMo1-xS, or doped 2D TMDC materials.
  • Basic characterization of Raman, PL, and AFM on the resulting materials is included with free of charge. More sophisticated characterization techniques, including XPS, FIB, STEM, or other techniques of customer choice for an extended fee.

Procedure:   Customers send inquiries to or request a quote as shown below. We will thoroughly communicate with customers to understand their expectations and needs, and offers to try the custom growth at no charge to test if growth is possible on customer substrates. If we determine that growth is not possible, we will not request payment.

Price: The cost of custom growth depends on the complexity of the task.

Satisfaction Guaranteed: We guarantee the quality of the transfer and will refund money if not satisfied.



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