As-Grown TMDC Heterostructure Wafer


  • Expected to be fully available by December 2020. Now accept pre-ordering…
  • Material options: Two-layer heterostructures (MoS2/WS2, WS2/MoS2) and three-layer heterostructures (WS2/MoS2/WS2, MoS2/WS2/MoS2).
  • 100% coverage of growth substrate
  • Precise control of layer number with no mixture of layers
  • High crystalline quality; Raman and PL intensity comparable to single-crystalline flakes
  • Atomically-smooth surface (< 0.2 nm)
  • Perfect Uniformity, Raman intensity variation <10% across the entire substrate
  • Polycrystalline film with grain sizes in micrometer range
  • Standard substrate options (others available upon request):
    • SiO2/Si w/300 nm or 90 nm dry thermal oxide
    • Single-side polished sapphire

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