Quadralayer WS2 Film on SiO2/Si Substrate



1. Continuous, no voids and cracks, 100% coverage.

2. Size: 1 x1 cm. Larger sizes up to 2-inch wafer-scale available upon requests.

3. Atomically smooth surface with roughness < 0.3 nm.

4. Highly uniform, no mixture of other layers.  Raman intensity variation < 10% across the entire sample.

5. Polycrystalline, grain size tuned in the range of from tens of nm to micrometers.

Product Description

Continuous 2D transition metal dichalcogenide (TMDC) films may provide research opportunities that are difficult or cannot be obtained with small-scale flakes. They are grown on substrates using chemical vapor deposition processes.

The films are continuous, fully covering the substrate with no void and cracks.  The growth substrates usually are sapphire or SiO2/Si substrates, but the films can be transferred onto arbitrary substrates  without compromising quality.