CVD Monolayer WS₂ on sio2si Substrate-c

Monolayer WS2 on SiO2/Si Substrate



1. The monolayers are single crystalline and luminescent. PL efficiency is in the range of 0.1-5%

2. The size of each flake may be tuned in the range of 2-200 micrometers.

3. Well separated single crystalline flakes and the density is tunable.

4. Most of the flakes are single crystalline, but some may be conjoined multiple single-crystalline flakes that involves well-defined grain boundaries.

5. High crystalline quality, Raman intensity and PL efficiency comparable to single crystalline monolayer flakes.

6. Most of the flakes are monolayers, but some few-layer flakes may also be involved. The monolayer and few-layer flakes can be easily distinguished under optical microscopies.

7. Substrate:  SiO2/Si.  Option of double-side polished sapphire/quartz/mica/gold available upon request.

Product Description

2Dlayer’s single-crystalline 2D transition metal dichalcogenide (TMDC) flakes provides the highest crystalline quality and well defined crystalline directions, and are particularly suitable for the research that does not require large size and tunable layer numbers.

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