Monolayer MoS2 Film on SiO2/Si Substrates



1. Continuous, no voids and cracks, 100% coverage.

2. Size: 1 x1 cm. Larger sizes up to 2-inch wafer-scale available upon requests.

3. Atomically smooth surface with roughness < 0.2 nm.

4. Highly uniform, no mixture of other layers.  Raman intensity variation < 10% across the entire sample.

5. High crystalline quality, Raman intensity and PL efficiency comparable to single crystalline monolayer flakes.

6. Polycrystalline, grain size tuned in the range of from tens of nm to micrometers.

7. Substrate:  silicon substrates with thermally grown oxide.

Product Description

More technical specifications can be found at the description of monolayer MoS2 films on sapphire substrates.